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Is Your Kitchen Functional?

I know it seems like common-sense; however, not everyone is working in a well laid-out kitchen space.  My current kitchen is much smaller than when I was living in TX.  You know what they say:  ”Everything’s bigger in Texas!”  True for a lot of things. There are ways, though, to make your kitchen work for Read More

Types of Cookies

How many types of cookies are there? I answered “five”, but I believe there are six.  I’ll list them for you and offer a brief description. Drop Cookies These are the simplest to make.  Once the wet and dry ingredients are thoroughly combined, the dough may be dropped from a spoon straight onto the cookie Read More

Fave Sushi Restaurant

Welcome to Miku!!! This picture was taken when I treated my girlfriend out to dinner. We had a fantabulous time. I asked her to take this photo of me introducing Miku. It turned out well (“Thank you, Sigrid.”) and we joked that it should be posted on my blog.  So, here it is. Anyway, my Read More