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Montreal Virgin

I have dreamt of faraway places and some not so far away …. growing up in Vancouver, Coquitlam was considered far away! Looking back, I realize how little I had travelled in comparison to my counterparts.  My friends would drive off to Kelowna or the Sunshine Coast for a long weekend while I stayed behind. Read More

My Courtship with Cheesecake

Do any of you remember that quaint little cheesecake place on Granville near Broadway? When I was a student, my friends and I would frequent Cheesecake Etc. twice/month at least.  We couldn’t get enough – the coffee was good, too, and the ambience was intimate.  It was a great little mom n pop hangout after Read More

Banana-Nut Bread

I remember banana bread being the rage – it was offered at a lot of cafes and coffee shops, at the bakers’, and the grocery stores …. now there’s a lot more selection.  They were all pretty gross – unpalatable, if you ask me.  They were mostly dry, and I barely tasted any banana flavour. Read More

Pumpkin Raisin Scones

It was about 10 years ago that I started experimenting with pumpkin.  I strongly recommend roasting your own, then pureeing versus buying canned.  Yes, much more work, but it is much healthier to make your own.  And the taste and texture ….. wow! These scones can also double as cookies, depending on who you’re catering to Read More

Stand Mixers

My first stand mixer was a wedding gift, a 350(?)-watt, 5L Sunbeam 10-speed mixer.  At the time, I was impressed because I baked a lot and never even thought to buy one.  After all, my parents’ generation all made do with a hand-held.  Did my world ever change!  I have to admit, when I saw Read More