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All Wrapped Up!

You’ve heard the term — “Presentation is everything”? Think about it, and I am sure you will agree that this statement is for the most part true.  Has a friend ever asked you “Do you think I’m fat?”  How did you respond?  How well do you think your friend would have accepted the ugly truth Read More

Roasting a Turkey

The Christmas season is among us, and it got me wondering why I did not post a chart sooner.  Any of you have concerns with cooking a bird to doneness?  I found this handy chart on  And I agree, any chart is a good guide, as oven types and other factors must be taken Read More

Texas, My Love

I had the opportunity of living in the Dallas Metroplex, and accepted.  It really was a no-brainer.  My idea of Texas was a more modern John Wayne movie set.  I remember watching westerns with my parents, and for some reason, maybe like some of you, I fell in love with the “Wild West”.  After watching Read More