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Christmas Greetings

Hi everyone I always get a bit sentimental at this time of year. I absolutely cherish people dearest to me, and those who are growing dearer.  I lost two family members this year, and not being able to visit with them this Christmas leaves me a bit sad. During the Christmas season, we need to be Read More

Chocolate Shortbread

  One of my favourite Christmas cookies is Chocolate Shortbread.  I am not a fan of chocolate, can do with or without it, but these little morsels are amazing.  They are to die for and just melt in your mouth.  What makes this better, you ask?  A pinch of sea salt! Next year I will Read More

Crispy Butter Cookies

I’m not sure whether it’s the love to eat cookies or the thought of having them in the house 24/7. If you’ve read my cookie articles, you will understand. I’m not a fan of sugar.  In fact, I make it a mission to buy the least amount of packaged goods, learning how to create tastier, healthier Read More

Cranberry-Pumpkin Bread

  As I was completing this entry, I had taken my bread out of the oven, cooled it, and now cut in half so you can see the texture.  This version shows a-p and spelt flours used. I have made many versions of this bread but took favour to this one.  Well, after I altered it, Read More