90-Day Challenge

As a food ‘n fitness junkie for as long as I can remember, I am always fascinated with new lifestyle choices, and there are plenty of those. This year, my goal was to cut out wheat products, and I did that when I joined a friend’s 90-day challenge group.

This is not a challenge where you are consuming sugar-laden shakes or gnawing on carrots and celery. It is the paleo lifestyle, and there are variations. My challenge requires me to cut out dairy, wheat ‘n grains, sugars, and fruits (as they are high in fructose and change to sugar quite quickly), soy and soy products, corn and corn products. I am 45 days in, and doing well.

I had cut out dairy three years ago, so that wasn’t an issue. I thought the grains would be hard to cut out, as I have grown up on rice and usually have it once or twice/week. I experienced no sugar cravings for the most part, barely missed it in my coffee and honey in my tea. The beauty is that I could see dimples where my waistline should be. I have lost six pounds and some inches.

I do have cheat days, Saturdays, where I can eat whatever I wish; however, I find that I eat the same as during the week. For me, it has become a lifestyle; however, I am not 100% paleo. I started a journey to raw food last year but with the climate in which we live, I want my nourishing foods like stews and soups. When people ask me, I tell them that I am paleo-raw food. I lean more toward raw during spring into summer.

My biggest craving? Burgers, and instead of burger “buns”, I use portabella “buns”. I pan fry in ghee two portabella mushrooms until browned, while at the same time, fry up a homemade salmon patty and add sauteed spinach and onions …… season with salt and pepper. It’s that easy! I enjoyed it much better than with the wheat buns.


What is your favourite version of a “burger”?

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