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Lillian LumHi there, thank you for visiting!

I am a gourmet, and for as long as I can remember, I considered cooking an art, a career choice. And I LOVED being in the kitchen with Mom! (I still do.) She cooked traditional Chinese every day…until she discovered lasagna (When I was 13, my cousin was visiting from Hawaii – she taught us.); salads and desserts when I was about 15 (dinners at a girlfriend’s house) – I always reported to Mom the foods I ate. Yes, the world was getting bigger!

I couldn’t wait for the hands-on opportunity, but the kitchen was Mom’s creative space, and I had to exercise patience, and learn through watching only. It seemed like a lifetime! I was just 11 when I was allowed to stir soup. There were a few times Dad let me help marinate the meats (Thanks, Dad!), and he taught me how to stir in the marinades with love. I watched Mom prep and serve her meals, anywhere between three and five courses almost every single day! We’re talking Chinese food, so a ton of slicing and dicing, marinating, and it goes on. As a mom myself, I consider that an extremely tall order, but have managed to achieve this on various occasions.

I started this site to share my love of food, and beyond. I am preserving Mom’s recipes for my children, who absolutely love Grandma’s cooking, and while I’ve prepared some of her dishes, I still consider myself “in training”. My mom is an amazing cook, and my biggest inspiration. Thank you, Mom. And yes, I still pick up the phone to ask her for tips ‘n tricks. There is always something to learn.

I look forward to your visits, and trust that you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I will enjoy writing them.

Thank you!

Lillian Lum