About Dawn Goodman

Dawn Goodman

For her whole life, Dawn Goodman has worked hard at staying committed to her own health journey. She was an overweight child, and all her life, no stranger to personal struggles with; hormones, thyroid, depression, food addiction and roller coaster weight management. She has weighed as much as 280 pounds and lost 100 pounds, not 1x but 2x.

Depression and anxiety are now distant friends and Dawn knows vibrant health will always be a journey and a commitment. Knowing these struggles personally started Dawn’s education to uncover root cause solutions and a passionate heart centred desire to help other women connect to ongoing education to inspire you to find your path to your own Committed Journey to vibrant wellbeing. 

“Raw Foundation” trained, Raw Food Chef & Certified Living Whole Food Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. Aerobics Instructor. Personal Trainer. Zumba Instructor. “Curves” women’s fitness centre, Business Owner. “Vital Innergy” Detoxification & Living Whole Food Nutrition Education Center, Business Owner. 

Dawn has learned much about the personal transformation to VIBRANT health and energy that comes when you combine; living with purpose, movement, detoxification, a healthy microbiome and high life force living whole food nutrition. All Powerful tools to your personal transformation. Her current business, “My Committed Journey” Education, Coaching and Transformation is founded to support women through education, coaching and support to find their inner strength, inspiration and commitment to take responsibility for an action plan that will create personal transformation and vibrant wellbeing. 

Dawn will tell you, “your personal transformation IS possible, it will be worth it and you should never EVER give up on your vision for your best possible life!” 

Here at “Charm and Fun with Lillian Lum” read more on Dawn’s blog to uncover how to reconnect with food as a powerful ally for your own journey to Vibrant health.