Burritos To Go

I can’t name one person who doesn’t like something Tex-Mex. When I first had authentic Mexican cuisine, it was only then that I realized the Tex-Mex style I was accustomed to was not authentic Mexican cuisine. When I was invited out for dinner, it would be “Let’s go for Mexican”. I don’t think people were intentionally misleading, it was a point of reference as to type of cuisine.

I was immersed into the Tex-Mex scene when I moved to Texas. All of a sudden, it wasn’t so eventful, as I could get it anytime & everywhere! It was fun, however, trying as many restaurants as I could, to compare the various chilli’s, burritos, salsas, pico de gallo, mole …

I visit Texas yearly, and dine at a different Mexican restaurant each time. Yes, I need my fix! But when I’m at home, I like to make my own Tex-Mex foods. I do make the occasional authentic Mexican dishes, but have yet to make a feast! My family craves burritos, so every once in a while, we make them, then pop them in the freezer. The kids love having them as a quick meal in-between school and their activities. We are not a fast-food family, so this works well for us.

When school started, my kids said “Mom, remember to stock up on snacks, etc.” When MY KIDS say this, they are referring to home-made, not store-bought. That is music to any mom’s ears, don’t you think? During the summer, our food habits are not as rigid. Feeling like ice cream … sure! But with the hectic schedules of school, activities and other commitments, it is easy to fall prey to fast foods.

Every week, the kids have an ingredient list for me to pick up. Whenever possible, they come with me so they can compare ingredients, and read the nutritional facts for themselves. They are just as involved in the grocery shopping process as I am. They design a menu for one day of the week, and get cooking! Although I trust my kids to my kitchen, I still like to pop in because safety and developing/maintaining good habits are huge concerns – big knives, heavy pots to carry, electrical gadgets, gas stove, etc.

On the weekend before school started, my kids wanted to make burritos. We picked up all the ingredients, and got busy! Enjoy these photos … the kids made them all on their own!


I almost always soak my own beans, and either steam corn and cut off the niblets or just as good, buy organic corn niblets in the frozen section. They have a much better taste compared to canned. I like to mix my meats as well – I picked up Organic Xtra Lean Ground Beef and Organic Ground Veal.


I slightly steam the tortilla shells so they are easier to manipulate.  The meat mixture can be added, as well as some cheese.


Which way is the best way to “wrap it up”?  Thinking …


The two sides are pulled towards the centre before pushing the front edge inwards.  Continue rolling to the end.


Prior to wrapping in plastic wrap, parchment paper was used instead of tin foil, to hold the burrito together.  This makes eating easier, making less mess.  The parchment gets put into the green bin, less waste.


This is the final look prior to storing in the freezer.  The bag was marked – Item & Date Made.

I’m always trying to find different ways to reduce waste – instead of plastic wrap, what do you use?





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