Candy Make-Up

As I write this, I am wondering how I survived my childhood, having passed by without a single birthday party …. I kid you not. I never had a party. Don’t pity me just yet. Believe it or not, I am not alone.

I only recall one birthday where I had an un-iced cupcake and in it was a single candle. My parents and siblings were the only ones present. That was the way it was … I did not know of any other way. And growing up with friends whose parents, like mine, were immigrants, we didn’t have birthday parties. One of the main reasons I never had a party was this: If I held a party, I’m essentially telling my friends: “Look at me, look at me, it’s my birthday. I’m having a party and you are coming with a gift for me!” My parents did not think it was right to grow up this way. They thought it was wrong to “ask for gifts”. It put people on the spot. What if one of my friends were not able to afford a gift? Perhaps it would be putting them on the spot, having to come with a gift because if they didn’t come, it would be assumed that he/she were poor.

You know, it took me a while to wrap my head around this mindset, especially when I started my own family. I wanted to celebrate them, and in addition, I wanted to celebrate all that was important to them, including their friends’ birthdays.

I put my imagination to work, and almost every party was different. Even up until the age of 10, a lot of children’s parties were held at home. Some of our themes included: Dress-up; Pokemon; Superheroes; Princess; Beauty Night; and various types of crafts.

One of the most recent parties my daughter had was Beauty Night. The girls not only received goody bags filled with make-up palettes, brushes, sponges, lip gloss, mascara, and pocket mirrors; as part of their activity, they got to make their own make-up palettes with a various assortment of candies and cookies.

The girls made powder compacts, lipstick, mascara/make-up applicators, make-up palettes, you name it. Creativity is endless … they had so much fun creating their own designs, and after they finished, they got to eat them! Most of them did not eat their creations, citing that they were too pretty to eat.

I couldn’t agree more …

Each guest got to design a plateful of items. It kept the conversation string fresh, the creative juices flowing. What recognizable products do you see?

I see a compact on the upper left, a few sponges and makeup applicators.  Then there’s a compact with blushes and another with eye colours. In the forefront, that would be a tube of mascara.


Here we have a cuticle stick, an eyeshadow palette, powder puff, blusher compact.You’re probably wondering “Wow, you’re good!” Not really. I am just guessing, like everybody else. I did not record what everyone made.


Here are a few more designs. Depending where you go to get your candies n cookies, you could bring the designs up a few notches.


What to came my mind was making cakes and cutting out pieces to make jewelry drawers, cases, etc., to accompany the make-up. How about a dresser upon which to place them?




Here is the book from which derived all the inspiration. I wish I had the title to share with you; however, I do own it. It’ll just take some time to dig it out.


What was your most memorable birthday party, and what were the foods that were associated with it?


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