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Soup for the Soul

Butternut Squash Soup – to puree, I simply blend with my Vitamix, in several batches, then redistribute into a pot. On this particular day, I made 12 quarts – I made to share with friends. I ladle into casserole dishes as such, and when cooled, I put on the lid and store in freezer. When Read More

Pastas, Traditional and Not

As I was growing up, I thought it was a treat to have noodles in the house.  OK, it is a Chinese thing, but we didn’t always have noodles for dinner.  My mom considered noodles more of a lunch item, as it wasn’t hearty enough for dinner.  She would make wonton and other types of dumplings Read More

Joong (or Zhong)

Joong (Cantonese) [or Zhong (Mandarin)] aka Rice Packet/Purse, is one of my very favourite things to eat.             Joong is very time consuming to prepare, sometimes lasting an entire day, or even into the following day. My mom prefers to use banana leaves, though other large leaves may also be Read More

The Mysterious Chayote

When I first set eyes on the chayote, I thought it was a cactus plant. Chayote vines can be supported on a trellis, as my parents have done, but they can also be grown along the ground.  Chayote plantations resemble vineyards. Here, I am preparing chayote for a stir-fry and had to first peel off Read More

Comfort Foods

If I posed the question:  “What is your idea of comfort food?”, I believe everyone in the room would have an answer or two.  We all have memories of our childhood – whether it’s getting up and making pancakes together (actually for me, it was having congee solo or with chow mein, dumplings or steamed Read More