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Conversion Table I was in search of  a good conversion table, and this is what I came up with.  I am sure you will be able to find others online.  This chart is similar to those I can find in my recipe book collection.  I trust you will find this useful. Kitchen Measurement Conversion Tables Read More

Roasting a Turkey

The Christmas season is among us, and it got me wondering why I did not post a chart sooner.  Any of you have concerns with cooking a bird to doneness?  I found this handy chart on  And I agree, any chart is a good guide, as oven types and other factors must be taken Read More

Stand Mixers

My first stand mixer was a wedding gift, a 350(?)-watt, 5L Sunbeam 10-speed mixer.  At the time, I was impressed because I baked a lot and never even thought to buy one.  After all, my parents’ generation all made do with a hand-held.  Did my world ever change!  I have to admit, when I saw Read More

Is Your Kitchen Functional?

I know it seems like common-sense; however, not everyone is working in a well laid-out kitchen space.  My current kitchen is much smaller than when I was living in TX.  You know what they say:  ”Everything’s bigger in Texas!”  True for a lot of things. There are ways, though, to make your kitchen work for Read More