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Espresso-Cacao Protein Surprise

I love coffee and drink it regularly, but I have never been one to drink more than one cup/day. The more active I am, the less I want to drink it, and it has always been that way. Too much of a good thing is actually not a good thing at all. I am still Read More

Chia Seed Breakfast/Snack Jars

I absolutely love yogurt, but there is something dairy-free, and even better, for me at least, because I love texture – Chia Seed Pudding or Breakfast Jars!                   Here is a breakdown of the nutritional value of chia seeds based on a 1 ounce (28 grams) serving: Fiber: Read More

The Raw Macaroon

       A couple weeks ago, I went to pick up some almond flour to prepare for my Macaron Bakefest. Before you know it, holiday baking will be in full swing, and I am organizing a cookie exchange of a large proportion. I also make extras for parties, family, and friends. Seriously, does one need Read More

Kale is the New Chocolate

I knew what Kale was before being popularized by the raw food movement. I wasn’t particularly eager to rush out and try it, though. What was all the rage? I just didn’t get it. People were going crazy, you’d think it was chocolate! A good base for a smoothie, right? Well, I knew what kale Read More

Breakfast Bars

It’s not always easy to start your day with something nutritious.   As a rule, I do not like to buy power bars, granola bars, etc.  I prefer to make my own, and it really takes no time at all.  Make a big batch and keep them in the refrigerator.  I usually have a couple Read More

Pomme Natural Market

Finding locally grown organic, gluten free, and raw ingredients are aplenty, but getting them all in one stop can be challenging. I remember driving into Vancouver in anticipation of picking up that last ingredient in order to make a new dish. And many times, those trips proved unsuccessful. I resorted to calling the stores ahead of Read More

My Fave Granola Bars

It’s been over a month now – I was vegging out on Facebook – searching for recipe posts from my raw food groups.  I so badly wanted to try something new, had to be raw, something quick and easy to make! I was searching on my wall when I stumbled upon …. Raw Nut Butter Bars by the Read More

The Raw and The Cooked

It’s been two years into my raw food journey, and I’m at a steady 30%, though the percentage climbs as spring arrives. Have you ever wondered what this journey might look like, especially since we are a bunch of foodies.  Yes, even my children.  They love their food.  In fact, I sometimes stress when they Read More

Dinner Clubs

What is a dinner club? The dinner clubs I was once accustomed to were termed “Ladies’ Night Out”, “Girls’ Night”, “Pot Luck Getaways”, or “Friday Girls”.  I am certain there are better descriptions out there.  For instance, “Ladies’ Night”, finding out only when I arrived at the destination, was being entertained by male strippers.  Yes, Read More

Dehydrated Spuds

This morning, I checked on the spuds I put in my dehydrator.  They turned out fantastic! The texture was nice and crispy. This is my first time experimenting with sweet potatoes, yams, and potatoes, and I was quite pleased. They were naked, but for next time, I will do them dressed!  In the picture of Read More