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Making Sushi at Home

I’ve been romanced by sushi for as long as I can remember. In fact, I believe I first tried sushi after frequenting sushi bars solely for raw oysters! Yes, raw oysters. My partner-in-crime and I could not wait until we were old enough to drink sake and enjoy raw oysters on the half shell! I Read More

I wanna be a part of it …. New York, New York!

Every time someone mentions a trip to New York, a vivid memory of my 1st year English professor comes to me. Yeah, I know, there is probably something wrong with that. I can’t help it. He had thinning, reddish hair, was about 5’6”, possessed a mild manner and had a passion for life. You could Read More

Fave Sushi Restaurant

Welcome to Miku!!! This picture was taken when I treated my girlfriend out to dinner. We had a fantabulous time. I asked her to take this photo of me introducing Miku. It turned out well (“Thank you, Sigrid.”) and we joked that it should be posted on my blog.  So, here it is. Anyway, my Read More

Sushi on “The Drive”

Commercial Drive has been designated “The Drive” or “The Dive”, depending upon your audience. I will reserve my vote for now; however, I will admit that every once in a while, a gem CAN be found.  I’ve met up with friends for sushi along the Drive, but have never visited Kishimoto, until this past weekend. Read More