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I’m back sharing again …

Hi everyone. Some of you have probably wondered what happened to me. As with a lot of people, I got busy with life. There were friends who needed a friend (me), a shoulder to lean on; my kids both graduated from high school and I helped/am helping with that transition. I made more time for Read More


Conversion Table I was in search of  a good conversion table, and this is what I came up with.  I am sure you will be able to find others online.  This chart is similar to those I can find in my recipe book collection.  I trust you will find this useful. Kitchen Measurement Conversion Tables Read More

Frozen Bananas

All week, I have been craving bananas, but I did not want to eat a banana on its own. I wanted to make a bread item, so made my tried ‘n true Banana Bread (I have the recipe on my Banana Nut Bread entry). This loaf has no nuts or seeds. This loaf has blueberries. Read More