Dinner Clubs

What is a dinner club?

The dinner clubs I was once accustomed to were termed “Ladies’ Night Out”, “Girls’ Night”, “Pot Luck Getaways”, or “Friday Girls”.  I am certain there are better descriptions out there.  For instance, “Ladies’ Night”, finding out only when I arrived at the destination, was being entertained by male strippers.  Yes, I was young, very naive and the girls I went to college with were much older.  They wanted to give me an experience I would never forget.  Obviously, they got a kick out of doing this, at my expense.  Let’s just say, I could not take another sip from my glass after it was stirred!  Is this when the ‘Out’ was added to “Ladies’ Night”, to avoid confusion?

I have been a part of many social groups and although we never gave ourselves official names, we always met over food. We would pick a restaurant we have always wanted to try, and go. Sometimes, we would hold potlucks but with that, I found I was one of few who took “homemade” to heart.  One of my fortes was baked cheesecake.  As a student, I spent a lot of time and money into making these, among other things, then to see my friends bring a bag of Doritos.  Hmmm …. Even though it brought me joy to see friends fussing over my foods, I could not say the same of a bag of Doritos, so I moved on.  As people lost interest, the groups would fizzle.  So, I’d immerse myself into another.  The hardest part of meeting over dinner was actually putting aside time for it.  Although we have to eat, setting aside 3-4 hours for dinner was sometimes cumbersome.

I get it.  We live in a very busy world.  It seems we never shut down and are “on” even when we go home from work or school. Our computers and phones are always on.  Every time we hear a ring from our phone, we are tempted to look.  Even though we may not feel like talking, we need to know who called.

Over a year ago, I decided to start a dinner club:  One Saturday/month, a few of us would meet at my house for dinner.  And what makes it fun is that I choose a theme to work with.  One theme we have done twice is “Raw Foods”.  Lovers of all foods, themes made our dinners all that more enjoyable.  We learned about the foods we ate.  No, that’s not all we do.  It’s true when a bunch of women get together, friends or newbies, a sisterhood is formed.  What is talked about during our dinners, stays with us.  We are a bunch of positive lights and we enjoy sharing our stories and most of the time we’re laughing so hard, we’re crying.  I love my group and having it at home is a bonus for several reasons:

  • You can have a conversation without  yelling over the music or being interrupted by people walking by your table, or speaking too loudly;
  • you do not have to wait to use the bathroom, or share it with everyone;
  • you do not have to dress up, though some of us do;
  • you can drink as much wine as you can and sleep over;
  • you do not have to re-meter your car;
  • you can change the music;
  • you do not have to worry about tipping because you “should be tipping everyone”;
  • you can go to the kitchen and help yourself to seconds or thirds, no judgment, not from me anyway (wink);
  • and lastly, you won’t get kicked out for being under- or ill-dressed, belligerence, or excessive drunkenness (this does not apply to us).

All joking aside, I am excited to share pictures of one of our “Raw Foodie” nights:


Avocado Soup, served chilled


Beautifully portioned out in single servings


Kale Chips tossed in Organic Hemp Oil (can use Olive Oil) and a sprinkling of Himalayan Sea Salt


Shrimp Cocktail on a bed of Cabbage, lightly spiced


Cocktail Shrimp w/trio of dipping sauces


Chickpea n Red Cabbage Salad


Carrot Cake (raw foodie style!)


Special Spinach Salad


Greek’ish Salad


Lemon Goji Bars sprinkled with shredded coconut flakes


BBQ’d Zucchini Chips


Shredded Carrots, soaked in a special sauce


Caesar Salad (raw foodie style)


Trio of Cheese selection (from Thrifty’s Foods)


Devilled Eggs

Some friends find this elaborate, but dinner clubs do not have to be.  It can be anything you want it to be.  YOU set the tone!  Now that school is out, I don’t want to spend July and August indoors.  In fact, we’re going to get dolled up, try a couple restaurants and a dessert bar or two.  Maybe even put on our dancing shoes???  Er, not me – I dance with two left feet.  Who knows how I survived my youth?  I wonder, when I turned to see people laughing, were they laughing at ME?  AT me or WITH me?

If you hosted a dinner club, what would be your theme?


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