“Great attitude = Gratitude”

“Be grateful for what you have.”

“It’s ALWAYS better to give than receive.”

“Encourage, Motivate, Nurture”

“Giving money is easy, I challenge you to give time.”

“Have too much stuff?  Donate within your community.”


When I hear any of the above, I think to myself “Who am I going to help next, and how?”

I have volunteered for charities and events, sat on committees and encouraged co-workers to help raise money for various charities.  And yes, it is true.  I received many “thank you’s”, but you know something?  It is “I” who give thanks.  Serving others has made me a better person.  I am grateful that these charities have enriched me, made me think even more about others, complete strangers, really.  And every year, I challenge myself to give more financially and devote more time.

I am creating a category – Special Events/Fundraisers – to mark down events and draw community involvement.  I will share some of what I’m doing in my community.  Hopefully this will serve as inspiration to those who have always wanted to but don’t know how to get involved with charities.  I have met many an altruistic heart, and I look forward to seeing you at some events around town!

Name a charity you support.  Does this organization need help with any special events?  Contact me through the contact form and together, we can make it happen!