Frozen Bananas

All week, I have been craving bananas, but I did not want to eat a banana on its own. I wanted to make a bread item, so made my tried ‘n true Banana Bread (I have the recipe on my Banana Nut Bread entry).


This loaf has no nuts or seeds.


This loaf has blueberries.

I must mention that I have never used frozen bananas for anything other than my green smoothies. Finally, I tried something new. I remember people telling me all the time “Oh yes, freezing bananas are perfectly fine!” I don’t like freezing a lot of things, been resistant, actually.

If you have not read my Banana Nut Bread entry, you will not know the history of this bread. I turned a five-ingredient recipe into an 18-ingredient one over a number of years. Some of you may think I’m crazy, but I love experimenting and texture, and measuring ingredients does not bother me.

My kids  have been asking me to make a bread with zero nuts and seeds. This is not easy for me, as I LOVE texture. I added one more banana and instead of vanilla yogurt, I used coconut yogurt. I also replaced one cup of A/P flour with rice flour. The result?  A lighter, delicate bread. I made one loaf with and one without blueberries. Both turned out beautifully.

Do you like texture – seeds and nuts – in your breads? What type of seed or nut combinations do you use?



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