I’m back sharing again …

Hi everyone. Some of you have probably wondered what happened to me. As with a lot of people, I got busy with life.

I forget the name of this glacier. I believe the one I saw on my first Alaskan cruise was more north. This is the big one in Glacier Bay.
This is Skagway, a new port for me. The previous cruise I was on, about ten years ago, went to Sitka.
The thick white stuff at the base of the mountains is, you guessed it! Fog … it was rolling in. It was fascinating just watching it thicken …

There were friends who needed a friend (me), a shoulder to lean on; my kids both graduated from high school and I helped/am helping with that transition. I made more time for family and friends; travelling; mourned the loss of my beautiful mini Schnauzer, Princess, and only a month ago, I adopted “Kobie” – a 9-year old male Schnauzer meets Yorkie.

This is Princess. We had her since she was four months’ old. We taught her many tricks, and she understood English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and French. She passed away of a massive seizure in March/2017 (she was eight years and a few months old).
This is Kobie. He has been a great addition to our family. He is a very smart kid as well. He’s still searching for adventures around our home … sometimes getting into things we least suspect.

He has been a great addition to our family. I have continued to share my culinary adventures with everyone, just not online. I have saved some photos, made notes, and plan to return to regular writing again. Thank you to those who kept asking when I was going to write again. And thank you to those who continued to refer to the site for recipes.

My most recent trip was to Alaska, a multi-generational trip. I am so glad it finally happened. This is the second time my family has made the trip, but a first for my brother’s family, and he and I treated Mom and Dad (their first time cruising also). They had an amazing time, as did we. Have a fantastic long weekend, and I will be sharing some fun ideas with you shortly. Again, thank you for not giving up on me.

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