Kale is the New Chocolate

I knew what Kale was before being popularized by the raw food movement. I wasn’t particularly eager to rush out and try it, though. What was all the rage? I just didn’t get it. People were going crazy, you’d think it was chocolate!


A good base for a smoothie, right? Well, I knew what kale was because it is my sibling’s middle name. I think my parents wanted something close enough that when said aloud, it would sound like her Chinese name. Naturally, I looked it up. I’m certain my parents were unaware they named my sister after a leafy green. When I first told them, we all shared a good chuckle.

Kale is not part of the Chinese vegetable scene. And I think it was about fiveyears ago that I actually had it – at a restaurant in Vancouver. I quite liked it – the leaves were gently sautéed and then tossed with chickpeas and other vegetables – Kale Salad. When sautéed, kale is easier to chew. I do find that kale is a tougher cruciferous, which explains why some people are not able to properly digest.

When I started buying kale, later growing some in my own garden, I used it mainly to make my green smoothies. I kept thinking back to the salad I had and experimented making different variations with kale as the base. Young kale is better for salads, easier to chew on.


At times, I would experiment using kale as an accompaniment to various dishes. I would lightly sauté with garlic, onions and parsley, with a dash of salt and pepper. I once served this alongside filet mignon, corn on the cob, and grilled yams. Yummy!!!


Here, kale salad is served with baby back ribs, and baked yam (two varieties).

I have to say the absolute most favourite thing I like to do with kale is to put it in my dehydrator and make “chips”. I just rub the sauce all over the leaves with a lot of love, and place on sheets to let them “cook” overnight.


“Cooking” in the dehydrator


How do you serve kale?

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