Is Your Kitchen Functional?

I know it seems like common-sense; however, not everyone is working in a well laid-out kitchen space.  My current kitchen is much smaller than when I was living in TX.  You know what they say:  ”Everything’s bigger in Texas!”  True for a lot of things. There are ways, though, to make your kitchen work for you.

If your kitchen is not working for you, then ask yourself “How can I make it work to my advantage?  What does that look like?”  Well, I am going to use my kitchen as an example and hopefully that will give you some ideas with yours!

I have my drawers and cupboards organized to keep all baking items in one section, while pots and pans are in another.  Baking pans are neatly arranged in order of size, and I label some of my tins or boxes with plastic labels, plastic because of easy removal.  I purchased a hand-held label maker for my kitchen and creative rooms, and it is extremely handy.  It is handy to have everything labelled, especially if you reuse an old coffee tin, a candy box, etc.

My cooking tools are kept in a drawer left of the stove.  If I need a spatula, there it is, within reach.  To my right, are the spices.  Oven mitts, trivets and such are in the bottom left drawer.

I do a lot of raw food “un-cooking”, so an entire counter has been dedicated to this.  My Vitamix, dehydrator, and food processor all live here.

My knife block is beside the sink.  This is where I prepare my meats.  Having the prep station here works, as it is close to the sink where I can sanitize my hands and the counter, and rinse all the foods.  After I’m done, I can wash all the dishes in the same area.

I could ramble on about all the things I’ve done to set up my kitchen, but I assure you, once you’ve set up your kitchen space appropriately, it will be smooth sailing.  It may take a few attempts to move this here and that there.  I’m here to tell you that it’s OK.  There is no perfect kitchen.  I can say this because every time I’m in the kitchen, I’m thinking “Why is this here?” or “I wish I had an island. “  I do miss having an island :(.

Here’s a worthy subject:

Growing up, the trash can was placed underneath the sink.  Once I moved out, it was the same thing.  When I bought a bigger place, I decided to buy a big beside-the-counter trash can.  It is not a welcoming sight when one walks into the kitchen; however, it is practical and functional.  After all, I don’t live in Martha Stewart’s studio.

Keeping a garbage can under the sink takes up too much space.  Other things can be stored here.  It is messy, especially when the bag starts to fill, and it starts to hang from the edges.  And the smell – when all you’ve got is a plastic bag …. and let’s talk about waste.  The plastic bags are small, so one is constantly changing them out.

A beside-the-counter trash can accommodates a lot of waste.  Imagine that you have just handled raw meat and need to dispose of the packaging.  You’re not going to use your hands to open a cupboard, are you?  No! You step on the trash can lever and the lid pops open, very convenient.  There is no smell emanating from the can, and you are not constantly swapping out bags.

Where do you store your garbage can?

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