My Trip to Toronto

Toronto is a mecca for restaurants, and every time I’m asked to go, I research and book some good picks.

The last time I was in Toronto, I went with my good friend, Carol. Her sister (who lives in Toronto) booked a veryamazing restaurant experience, Bar Isabel. She knew we were coming, and had to book two months in advance. Omigosh, the ambience was rocking, and the place was buzzing with people. That is a place I wouldgo to again, but on this trip, I want to try some new flavours. I had so many recommendations from my friends.

On my travel day, because I checked into the hotel late, I just wanted to eat. I decided to go into Chinatown because I had such good memories of growing up with Vancouver’s Chinatown, I was curious. I went into a restaurant that had a sign “All Day Dim Sum” – Rol San Restaurant on Spadina Avenue. I ordered the Shredded Pork n Century Egg congee, Curry Beef Brisket w/Won Ton Noodles in Soup, Shrimp Dumpling, and Beef Roll. While the meal hit the spot, it was quite ordinary. I just needed a meal to feed the soul.

When I travel, I try to eat as I do at home. Day 1: For breakfast, I had a small bowl of steel cut oats solo, a side of fruit, and a hard-boiled egg, with a latte and glass of water.

We walked everywhere … first stop was at Kensington Market. I have heard about this place time and again on Canada’s Top Chef series. Yes, I’m a curious cat! There were some places that I filed in the back of my mind for a later visit. I know we’ll be back here. Kensington Market has the feel of Commercial Drive, a span of only about three blocks. We were determined to make good use of the bus and subway systems.

Because Kensington Market was a muchsmaller area than we thought, we had time to get down to the Distillery District. We walked down there as well, and went to St. Lawrence Market. That was more reminiscent of Lonsdale Quay. Such a nice walk … the weather certainly held out for us. We had already talked about returning.

For lunch, we spotted a neat little place called Pumpernickel’s (Adelaide location). There were many places with already-prepared foods such as wraps, burritos, salads, etc., but we wanted healthy food made fresh. I had a Chicken Caesar salad sprinkled with sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other ingredients were being put together to make the dressing just for me!

A block away from my hotel, we spotted Wahlburger’s. Having seen the interview with Mark on the Food Network, we were curious and wanted to give it a try. BUT, we had seen so many burger places on our walks that we decided to do a shoutout on FB and to our friends who have been here, or live/lived here. So many recommendations, but we ended up going to Burger’s Priest on Queen St. W. I had the CaliforniaClassic, pretty simple actually – a cheeseburger that had sautéed onions, secret sauce, with lettuce and tomato. The buns were not your regular burger buns; furthermore, the buns were buttered! Yum! I am convinced – the messier the burger, the better it is.

I would definitely come back here to try another item on their menu. This is not the best thing that happened that night, though – we ended up going to see Wonder Woman, yes, we sure did! … AND, they served beer! Now, I’m not a beer girl, but what an occasion to have one, so I did … best date ever – burgers, Wonder Woman movie, and beer!

Day 2: Nothing different from the previous day. The best way to start out each day IS TO HAVE BREAKFAST – that’s my opinion, for whatever its worth. We had planned on visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame. I’m not the hockey fan, but thought it a great opportunity and we’d probably regret not going. It’s not every day hubby is in to checkingoutmuseums of any sort, so Irolled with it! We enjoyed ourselves, actually. There were a few interactive stations, which we did take advantage of. We wanted to be in the Kensington area, so we made it down there, and were determined to have Mexican cuisine. I was set on having a slice of pie from Wanda’s Pie in The Sky at some time during our visit, preferably after lunch today, highly recommended by a friend who lives here. Needless to say, we never made it, as the meals we ordered were of generous proportion. We ordered tacos at El Trompo: El Pastor and ?El Tingo?

I ordered a Lime margarita, while hubby ordered a Coronarita – two drinks in one – a margarita poured into a beer glass, which had a bottle of upside-down Corona supported by a gadget that allowed the bottle to stay stationary. Asone sipped his drink, thebeer slowly flowed out of the bottle. The beer cut the sweetness from the margarita just enough. Yum.


We met up with two couples, both who live here, at Colette Grande Cafe, located at the Thompson Hotel, but it is not part of the hotel. This restaurant choice was one of my friend’s favourites. And when I arrived, I understood why. I was already drawn to its elegance. I couldn’t wait to see what the menu had in store for us! The only photo I have is one of me being a tourist poser. The staff were nervous about my taking photos inside, so I never did.

Day 3: We’re at Friday now, and the Bata Shoe Museum was on the list. The Museum held a lot of history, some notables like Ferragamo, one of my favourite design houses. I cherish my handbags, wallets, and own a pair of their shoes. High quality craftsmanship. Did you know that Ferragamo is best known for starting the “wedge” sensation? … Dinner reso’s were already made at Figo (Italian), where I’d be meeting up with an old friend from high school! I was so excited. We used to play tennis and badminton together, and we shared notes in class … he was definitely the braniac. Our meal, right! Our dishes were quite flavourful, and paired beautifully with red wine. We had a fantasticevening.

Day 4: OK, our last day, and we had some choices … actually, it was no contest. We had been told of a mansion tour before we left for our trip, and the entire time, I knew it had to be on our list. We visited Casa Loma – I will leave you to google the history. And I recommend getting the audio tour because, well, this is the best way to maximize one’s experience. Susur Lee, I am certain some of you have heard of him, no? We have been to Lee Restaurant several times, and it never gets old. We met another couple there, with whom we shared about 10 dishes. We enjoyed different wines and cocktails with our meal. No disappointments here. After dinner, we continued walking around intheEntertainment District, where we decided to have a drink at a bar/restaurant. The bar area was of generous sizing. I just wish Iremembered the name. The architecture was amazing! I thought it was a pretty cool place.

Day 5: We slept in a little today, as we were scheduled to fly out later in the afternoon. We stopped into a place for brunch – Canteen. It was quite a spacious restaurant with a huge patio. Simple food made well. It was a great way to end our time in TO. Now, on our way to the airport.

Toronto is a place I could definitely visit every year. It makes for a great weekend getaway, for sure.

What are some of your favourite sights and restaurants in Toronto?

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