Pomme Natural Market

Finding locally grown organic, gluten free, and raw ingredients are aplenty, but getting them all in one stop can be challenging.

I remember driving into Vancouver in anticipation of picking up that last ingredient in order to make a new dish. And many times, those trips proved unsuccessful. I resorted to calling the stores ahead of time to see if they had my ingredients in stock. Disappointment time and again … I give up!!!


I have many sources for my organic and raw ingredients, but the challenge is trying to get them all under one roof. I love sharing fine finds, foodwise. Fashion not so much – how many women love showing up at an event with the same dress as another? No, we all want to be unique and stand out. OK, back to food. A little over a year ago, Planet Organic in PoCo (Port Coquitlam), closed their doors. I liked it, but didn’t think it was all that. I had seen better stores in Vancouver, so their closing had little to no effect on me.

I was very excited to learn that a new market had popped up in its place – Pomme Natural Market. Still, even learning of this, it had taken me a while to go check it out. I had ingredients to use up. My first visit was last spring, actually. I picked up a few things, which came to just over $100.00. I didn’t care – I was super giddy, like a kid in a candy shop. I could have bought more!

Do these pictures not speak to you?


Raw Ingredients section

The raw ingredients beckoned to me as I walked on by … camu camu, vanilla and cacao powders, nutritional yeast … the list is endless …

Check this out – flours and grains, oats and seeds – there were so many varieties, where to begin ??? I was mesmerized by all that I was immersed in.


Bob’s Mill line of products


Raw nut butters and other spreads


An entire wall dedicated to bulk products


In with the mix of flours are spices, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc.




Oils and Vinegars

I was captivated by the beauty of consistent perfection all throughout the store.  This is, ladies and gentlemen, my all-time favourite store for locally grown produce, organic, and raw ingredients.


Small sampling of Coconut Oils and Butters


Tea Time, anyone?  Yes … variety is the spice of life!


Kitchen Accessories

It would be so easy to buy up everything in this place.  The products are endless, with several brands to choose from.  And I have checked into pricing for same brands carried at other stores – on average, they are very comparable.

I am always so busy buying my regulars, reading up on newbies, that I forget to visit their deli, which I have been told by many, fabulous …. check!  I will make a stop on my next visit.

Their produce section has grown from it’s humble beginnings.  The last time I was there, I was able to buy most of my regular items.  Yippee!!!

Earlier this year, Pomme opened up another location on Denman Street.  I have not been there, though I’ve heard it’s a smaller store, but now downtown Vancouverites have another choice for healthy eats.

Have you been to Pomme?  What captures your eyes?

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