Protein ball, snack or dessert?

Nutella Protein Balls and below them, Peanut Butter Power Balls (both are no-bake versions)

It was about 20 years ago when I first had a protein ball. My friend had brought some into work, and this version consisted of peanut butter, honey, milk powder, and chopped pecans. We ate it as a snack and whenever we had chocolate or “sweet” cravings. It was eaten like a treat during break times, and then we started bringing them to the gym with us. I think that’s how it evolved, and then for many years in-between, we never had them again, until recently. With the emergence of the granola bars, power bars, whatever you want to call them, the balls were phased out. I much prefer to make my own foods, as processed food is never as healthy as fresh/home-made.

These are Nutella Protein Balls – this (no-bake) version has mint chocolate chips as well as chopped, toasted walnuts.

I love making protein balls, raw foodie style, no-bake, and baked versions. They are easy, and very flexible in terms of ingredients. They can be made in different proportions, also. I prefer a 1″ scoop, as I like to have one in-between workouts. Just a little kick of energy. And it’s like a one-bite idea – pop it into your mouth, it’s done. Just the right amount of energy.

Below is another (no-bake) version of Nutella Protein Balls, containing 70%-dark chocolate chips. Here is my version:

1-1/2 c. Nutella
1/2 c. skimmed milk powder
2 T. almond milk
1/3 c. dark chocolate chips (can substitute with mint chocolate chips, toasted hemp hearts, or sesame seeds)

Mix together Nutella and almond milk, then fold in milk powder and chocolate chips. Form into 1″ balls and place into a container. For storage, cover the container, as the balls may dry up.

I don’t like to keep them too long, as they do dry out, and don’t taste as good as they did the day they were made. I suggest 7-10 days. This recipe made 28.

Pictured here are ingredients for a more exotic version of my regular Peanut Butter Power Balls. I used regular peanut butter because I ran out of my raw almond butter, a much healthier choice.

1 c. raw almond butter
1 c. honey
1 c. skimmed milk powder
1 c. chocolate protein powder
1-1/2 c. rice krispies
1/3 c. sea salt caramels

Cream together the butter and honey until well incorporated. Then add in the two powders followed by rice krispies and caramels. Shape into 1″ balls, and store in refrigerator until ready to eat. Makes approximately 50.

Here they are naked – and below, dressed, perfect for gift-giving. Put into a pretty little box, single layer, with a bow on top.

This is another way to store your protein balls. I made three different types and stored them in their own compartment.

A simple Peanut Butter Power Ball recipe is:

1 c. peanut butter
1 c. honey
2 c. skimmed milk powder
1 c. coconut flakes, toasted

Use method above to prepare.

What are your favourite combinations to make? Do you like peanut butter over raw nut butters?


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