Quinoa, My New Squeeze

Ever since I started my 90-day (paleo) challenge, I have been looking for things outside of the grain/wheat/starch families to use as a staple. My challenge ended May 31st, but it has become part of my lifestyle, a great thing. My goal before the year is out — 60% raw/40&% paleo. I hadn’t put much thought into quinoa until a friend bought me a kilo and said she held great promise that I would make some wonderful creations with quinoa to share with the world. What a joker!

I always thought quinoa was a grain. I would see the ingredient played over like a broken record on the Cooking Channel, and my curiosity got the better of me, just not enough to buy it. Finally, received a bag from my friend (she’s a “Pusher”). It’s been sitting in my cupboard for six months and only tonight, I decided to give it a go. Quinoa is actually a seed, but you’re to treat it like a grain.


See how fluffy this is. How did I cook it? Well, I washed/rinsed two cups for about five minutes. Then I drained out all the water. I could have “fried” it in a pan with butter (as with risotto), but I chose not to. I placed the quinoa in a saucepan and added four cups of vegetable broth. I sprinkled some Himalayan sea salt and turned the knob to “high”, then waited for the mixture to come to a rumbling boil. I then turned the temperature to “low”, and set the timer for 15 minutes. I took the pot off the stove when the timer stopped and with  a wooden spoon, gave the quinoa a turn over. It was nice and fluffy, and had a soft but nutty texture.

To go with my quinoa, I made a Cauliflower n Turnip Puree.


After roasting the veggies (can also be steamed or boiled), I pureed them in a food processor, adding seasoning, of course.


As I detest “sieving” my food, I pureed it just enough so that there are a few lumps around.

The best part of my meal this evening was the quinoa, even though I had a perfectly cooked piece of salmon (pan fried with a crispy skin).


As you can see, we were in a hurry to plate.

Do you prefer your quinoa in a salad or as a side?


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