The Raw and The Cooked

It’s been two years into my raw food journey, and I’m at a steady 30%, though the percentage climbs as spring arrives.

Have you ever wondered what this journey might look like, especially since we are a bunch of foodies.  Yes, even my children.  They love their food.  In fact, I sometimes stress when they ask the dreaded:  “What are we having for dinner?”  I don’t always have an answer.

I find ways to incorporate a bit of everything, so all are happy.  I am having a dear friend and her family over for dinner tomorrow.  They are carnivores, and since I just returned from a week of eating out (in NY), I am planning a predominantly raw menu.  The only baked dish is Ziti.


In this dish, I used homemade diced tomatoes and tomato sauce.  Everything is so processed, I try to make my own everything.  Of course, my life does not always permit the time, so I do cheat sometimes.  Try to stay away from canned anything, though, especially tomatoes.  If I buy tomato sauce, it’s always in a glass jar.

One of my favourite raw dishes is Chili Gone Raw.  Meant to be a main course, as Chili, it can also serve as a side.  Look at the range of colours!  The sauce is to die for.  If it were fashionably appropriate, I’d be sucking it up with a straw!


For those of you who just want a light sauce, it’s a great way to try it since the cayenne and chili add a nice kick to the dish.


Saucy chili – all served up!  No sides required.

Since I am not planning on eating meat or pasta tomorrow, my main course will be “Fettucine Alfredo” – here it is with the sauce all rubbed in.


The noodles are made by spiralizing Italian zucchini.  The sauce is then gently rubbed in with my hands.

My starter will be “Caesar Salad”:  Romaine lettuce cut into pieces, then gently rubbing in the dressing with my hands (yes I wear gloves).


Ever wonder what “raw” desserts taste like?  Light and refreshing, and outta this world!

Here is one of my favourites, small delicious bites!


Chocolate and Vanilla Macaroons


Vanilla and Matcha Green Tea Macaroons

They are both cute and elegant at the same time!  Just change up the serving platters to suit your occasion.

What is/are your favourite raw food/whole nutrition dish(es)?




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