Sommore Smores, Please!

As you read on, you will appreciate my naivety towards camping and all that is related to it (I used to have camping dreams!). You see, I never camped as a kid. When my friends invited me, I asked my parents if I could go with. It was always “no”, and I stopped asking. One reason is perhaps they did not want me to part from them. The thought of their child sleeping out in the wilderness was too much for them to bear! They posed this question to me a few times:  “Why would you want to sleep on the ground somewhere in the mountains when you have a nice comfy bed to sleep in?”, to which I am numb now, because I have tried camping, and quite like it. I don’t love it, but I like it enough to go a couple times/year. And yes, this is one thing I wanted to try because I have children. I didn’t want them to miss out on what some term “a rite of passage”. God forbid one doesn’t experience camping – we live in B.C., after all! More importantly, I wanted to dispel the myth that sleeping in a tent on the ground was not a bad thing. I love being surrounded by nature. I remember my hiking days, how peaceful they were to be out and about – spectacular views of the lakes and mountains, beautiful creatures (and I don’t mean the scary ones) – the birds that would land on our outstretched hands eating whatever we had to feed them. Er, there were no signs indicating otherwise. And yes, we fed them grains.

The one thing I dwelled on when speaking of camping was “What on earth were we going to eat?” I sighed with relief that we were not going to kill and gut an animal, but seriously, what do people eat when camping? Now I know why city folks have bigger houses – to store their camping gear! I am not a fan of hotdogs and other junkie things, but for a 4-day camping trip, I try not to be too anal. We DO have hotdogs, burgers, roasted potatoes, instant noodles, instant oatmeal, eggs n bacon, etc.

And, at the end of the day when there is no more daylight, campfires/bonfires are set up. There is an art to this, I have learned. Sitting around a campfire staring at one another is not much fun; normally, this is a time for story-telling, sharing, singing, drinking – be it wine, beer, coffee – and a time for roasting marshmallows and making smores. I did not know what a smore was up until four years ago. I had heard the term, but had never seen one. Yes, really. Two graham wafers with roasted marshmallow and a chocolate brick sandwiched in the middle. It would be super gooey to eat, and while it was an experience, I found smores to be sickly sweet. It doesn’t help that I don’t own a sweet tooth, but yes, good to have tried one and becoming acquainted with the infamous “smore”.

I was inspired by a post on f/b last week. It was “Smore Cups”. Think “cup of cake” or “cup of smores”. I had to make them, of course! They turned out really well. I made them with half a marshmallow and then with a full marshmallow. I used dark chocolate in the centers and dolloped with milk chocolate on top. Other variations could be to use Skor Bits or Peanut Butter Chips in the center, and milk chocolate on top. My fave variation so far is having a dark chocolate center with milk chocolate on top. They were very easy to make. Here are some photos.


When using a dark-coloured non-stick pan, turn heat 10 degrees lower and bake for 5 minutes less.


I use a tart shaper to press in the crumbs. If you do not own this tool, a spoon or your fingers will do, but this is much quicker.


This is a closer picture of the tart shaper.


I broke my bricks into pieces and then put the marshmallow on top. If you are not a sweet tooth like myself, halve the marshmallows, then place cut-side down.


Here is a pan with halved marshmallows.


I spooned milk chocolate on top of the marshmallows.


I wanted to try something different so for this batch, I used chopped dark chocolate and sprinkled on top. The smore cups will look messy, so don’t aim for perfection.

What would your perfect smore have in the center?


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