I first stared strata in the face at a hotel brunch, and said “What’s so special about that dish?”

That’s exactly it, nothing. It’s a casserole, or a mix of ingredients, that can be found in breakfast dishes or quiches. The main events are bread cubes, eggs, and cheese.

For years, I have seen this item on restaurant menus, and in recipe books and websites. No, no, no, I will not . . . finally, I decided to make them, in the form of muffins, for breakfast/brunch. I liken this version to a deconstructed omelette meets french bread. I have to say, to no surprise, I am not a fan.

Breakfast Strata Cups:

Dice up bread into cubes.  Grate sharp cheddar cheese, adding in diced onion/green onion and mix with seasonings of your choosing.  Divide evenly among greased muffin tins.


I then beat together eggs and some whipping cream, with a dash of salt.  Then I gently pour over the filled cups.  Be careful not to fill too full, as it may pour over the side and make a mess of your oven.


Here is a close-up look – I could have filled them with less bread cubes.  It wasn’t until after they were cooked that I realized I could have done with less.  More is not always better.


They do look great.  I plated them two-by-two on a light bed of lettuce, then placed a dollop of ketchup on the side.  It made for a great display.  I apologize for not taking a picture of this, though.


Will I make them again?

Yes, I would give it a second chance, as a casserole dish (an entree), served with salad and/or with a side of vegetables.  Because it’s made as a casserole and is easy to serve, it can be a great potluck item to share.  Hey, one can even bring this with them on a camping trip.  I would – so easy to transport, too.  A foil pan would be best.

How do you “strata” – breakfast or dinner?



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