Sushi on “The Drive”

Commercial Drive has been designated “The Drive” or “The Dive”, depending upon your audience.

I will reserve my vote for now; however, I will admit that every once in a while, a gem CAN be found.  I’ve met up with friends for sushi along the Drive, but have never visited Kishimoto, until this past weekend.  It has been dubbed “best sushi on the Drive”.  I’ve been to many sushi restaurants and have my favourites in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam.  I was hesitant to try Kishimoto, as I have OD’d on sushi.  Yes, for those of you who have heard me say “I can have sushi 3x/week”, I was actually sick of it.  I love being surprised – going to see a movie without knowing anything about it; dining at restaurants without ever having heard a review or having a recommendation.  Why not give it a try?



We got in around 5:30, the last table.  Within 30 minutes, a line started to form.  Lucky for us.  I had a good sense of the place as I entered.  I could tell that the restaurant was Japanese-owned, somehow securing authenticity.  The sushi chefs were Japanese, as were the waitresses.  There were two tables of well-dressed Japanese customers.  That was a very good start, indeed.  Remember when “all-u-can-eat” sushi made a great date night?  Easy on the pocket book, especially if one was a student, and hey, if the date didn’t go well, one had enough change to take someone else out!  If you want cheap, “fast food” type sushi, this isn’t your place.  Ever have sushi and the fish looks like it was fighting for its life?  I am easily wowed with presentation.  It seems so frivolous, I’m going to eat it, after all, right?  Wrong!  Details, details!

Take a look at these photos.  Do the dishes not make your mouth water?  I love the carefully-carved flowers and butterflies on my plates.


Pressed Salmon Sushi


Agedashi Tofu


Cold Somen Noodles, great on a summer’s day



Prawn Tempura


A beautiful assortment of rolls …


See the candle?  It appears to be rice paper but it is not.  It is a thinly shaved piece of daikon resembling a lantern.



Daikon-cut pinwheel-shaped flowers with a carrot butterfly.  Edamame adorn the petals like ladybugs on rose petals.



Negitoro Roll and Salmon Maki


How many sushi places have you visited on Commercial Drive?  Do you agree that Kishimoto is “the best sushi on the Drive?”

I sure do!


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