Tacofino “Diner”




A diner, as described by Scout Magazine in its feature of the restaurant’s opening, Tacofino offers a different taco experience.  After all, how many places do you know specialize in gourmet tacos?  And I’m not referring to restaurants who simply have it as an option on their menus.  I have loved tacos for as long as I can remember, but was only familiar with the fast food type places, that is, until I moved to Texas. What a goldmine of restaurants!  I learned the differences between true Mexican food and what is referred to as Tex-Mex.  An example of Tex-Mex would be Taco Bell.  There isn’t much to be desired with their tacos, unless you want a quick fix.  Even when I make my own, I jazz up the ingredients.


Do you see the succulents in the little jars?  What a clever idea.


I’ve made everything under the sun – turkey, lamb, sausage, chicken, and sliced rib-eye.  I do not favour hot sauces as much these days; however, a wicked salsa can be a game-changer.  For example, a Peach n Corn Salsa goes well with Pork.  Avocado slices or guacamole go well with every type of taco.  A nice touch is roasting garlic and mixing that into the guacamole.  At Tacofino, the tacos are simply dressed – a light drizzle of sauce, pan-fried peppers and onions, and garnished with cilantro.

I’ve been to Tacofino a few times now, while trying out other places, and I just love being there.  The decor is minimalistic yet offers a subtle sophistication.  My all-time favourites are the Pork Jowl and Fish tacos.  Did I mention deep fried?   Yes, the fish is deep-fried, and it is absolutely delicious.  AND ….. the tater tots are a must-try!


Shirt Steak Taco


Deep Fried Fish Tacos


Pork Jowl Taco

We were strongly advised to order the Tater Tots, so we did!  I sooooo love them 🙂


Have you been to Tacofino?  What is your favourite taco?




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