Texas, My Love

I had the opportunity of living in the Dallas Metroplex, and accepted.  It really was a no-brainer.  My idea of Texas was a more modern John Wayne movie set.  I remember watching westerns with my parents, and for some reason, maybe like some of you, I fell in love with the “Wild West”.  After watching one of these movies, I used to dream “One day, I’m going to marry a tough n handsome cowboy and ride into the sunset together!”  Texas is not in the west geographically speaking; however, according to some historians, the wild west is anything west of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.

DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) holds many memories for me, as that is where I started my family.  The Dallas Metroplex, as it is commonly referred, is a very exciting and yet transient destination.  Some come to Dallas to attend university, some come to make a wad of cash and stay, while some move on.  When I first visited Dallas, about 15 years ago, I was wined-and-dined and fell in love with the city.  Sure, it’s a concrete jungle, flat like the prairies, home to many box-office stores and restaurant chains, but the lifestyle was an easy one.  The sun was most always shining, housing was cheap, and everything one could possibly want was a doorstep away.  After all, I was in the U S of A!  And the American dream was there for the taking!

Texas is one of the top five states with the most restaurants per capita, so if you’re hungry, you’re in the right place!  As with many places, there are rich histories.  Texas cuisine boasts strong influences from France, Spain, and Mexico.  The hardest part about going out to eat?  It was deciding which restaurant to try.

On a recent trip back “home”, I wanted to dine at restaurants I had never been to.  One morning, we met some friends at Bread Winners Cafe.


This is a wine chandelier.  I wish I can remember how many bottles of wine were had to create this.  Only in Texas, bigger!!!


This was my breakfast, which was also accompanied with different breads.  I only touched a quarter of this.


Here is a fine dining establishment that was rated highly, Jaspers.  Hubby and I came here to ring in our wedding anniversary.  He had been here before, but it was my first time.  I was not disappointed.  Check out the photos:


These were freshly Baked Potato “Chips” w/Blue Cheese Dressing


Very creative presentation


Baby Back Ribs


Seafood in Broth, similar to a Bouillabaise


Family size Brussels Sprouts


I found the restaurant a bit on the dark side, but overall, it was nice and simple.


Resembles an airplate propellor – this was a light fixture


An oldie is la Madeleine:


Potato Cake




Ham & Cheese Croissant


And here we are for BBQ dinner, “Hard 8”


As you’ll see, there is nothing fancy about this place.


There were two long lines when we arrived.


It’s hard to see, but when you got close, the server asks what you would like and he just starts cutting away.  You tell him how much and he knows …


We have some ribs here, smoked pork, jalapeño sausage, and bacon-wrapped shrimp


Nothing fancy, outdoor picnic tables, but if you want a BBQ Texan style, Hard 8 is definitely the place.

Take note, I did not go to all these places in one day.  I thought I would mention it because after reading it, my friend emails “that’s a lot for one day” :).

I never tire of travelling to Texas – there, I get my shopping and foodie fixes.

What are your recommendations for my next trip?






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