The “Soup Sisters” Event

At my November Dinner Club event, a couple friends told us about a volunteering opportunity that was coming up in February.  They said it would be a fun thing to do, a fun way to spend an evening with other women – while helping other women, and in MY OWN community.  I’m up for that! Approximately eight of us signed up for the event, which took place on February 22, 2015.


The opportunity was to provide meals (thanks to the Soup Sisters program) to “Joy’s Place”, a transitions house for women who suffered from domestic abuse.  Joy’s Place is located in the Tri-Cities, and there, women and their children can have up to 30 days’ stay, giving them time to find more permanent housing arrangements.

“Joy’s Place is an Emergency Shelter that provides temporary safe shelter and support for adult women and their dependent children (if any) who are victims of domestic violence or are at risk of experiencing abuse, threats and/or violence.” (


Welcome to the Gallery Bistro!

Below, an idea of what the Gallery Bistro has to offer – looking for a new place to meet up for breakfast or lunch?  A great place to meet after a walk at Rocky Point Park, is what comes to mind for me …


We spent an evening together making soup in groups! This evening was hosted by the Gallery Bistro, located on St. Johns in beautiful Port Moody (  Take a look!  The bistro’s walls are adorned with creations from local artisans, which are available for purchase.

20150222_172352          20150222_172333

There were four groups of us, thus four types of soup were made.  We made approximately 70 litres, and they were portioned into 1L containers for easy storage/preparation – they could be frozen and taken out when needed.

20150222_172529 20150222_172551

I do not recall the maximum number of volunteers allowable at any given time, I am thinking 20.  My friend, Pauline, told us of the event, and I went on to invite as many people as I could.  Among us, we had three groups formed, and another group of women had shown up as well.  If you would like to get involved with Soup Sisters, go online to browse their event calendar.

20150222_172532 20150222_182418

After we’ve spent some time getting to know one another over wine n appies, we had to start the real work!  We formed our groups and all got to choose the soup we were making.  I was making Pasta n Bean Soup.   Here we are, working in teams …

20150222_182424 20150222_182453

For all you men who are feeling a bit left out, wondering about the mysterious sisterhood, and wanting a piece of it – well, you can have it, too!  The male version of Soup Sisters is … are you ready for it?  …. what else?  Broth Brothers, of course!!!

20150222_182458 20150222_182519

We had the opportunity to make new friends, share in good conversation, and we were even served a “thank you” meal.  Thank you so much to the lovely ladies at Gallery Bistro who hosted this wonderful event.  Now I have learned about two organizations which I can be of service to – Soup Sisters & Joy’s Place.

20150222_202812           20150222_202819

Non-Profit organizations always thank those who lend a helping hand, whether it be in the form of physical work or monetary donation – you are very welcome.  Truly, I thank THEM, because they gave ME the opportunity to give back, the power to do something!

Final step:  Once the soup was ladled into containers with labels affixed, they were stacked into bins for easy transport to Joy’s Place.


Yes, thank you, Pauline, for bringing awareness to Soup Sisters and Joy’s Place.  We had a very enjoyable evening.


Check out to find out more about volunteer opportunities. As well, if you are looking for volunteer opportunities in your own back yard, visit to learn more.

Giving is ALWAYS better than receiving.

Do you know of other organizations that may need volunteers?

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