Types of Cookies

How many types of cookies are there?

I answered “five”, but I believe there are six.  I’ll list them for you and offer a brief description.

Drop Cookies

These are the simplest to make.  Once the wet and dry ingredients are thoroughly combined, the dough may be dropped from a spoon straight onto the cookie sheets.

Here are some of my favourites – this is a Peanut Butter n Hemp Heart cookie – it started out as a five-ingredient PB Cookie, but over the years, I made it my own, inventing a healthier version for my family.


I wanted to see what the rage was all about.  This is a Rice Krispie Cookie, and it was pretty good.


I love chocolate chips but not chocolate chips only cookie.  I need to have some of the savoury to balance out the cookie.  This recipe started out as a five-ingredient Choco Chip Cookie, but through the years, again, I reinvented it.  It boasts toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and hemp hearts.


You may notice how uniformly shaped the cookies are.  My cookies will most always be the same size with whatever batch I’m working with.  But truth be known, I have a Type A personality.  If the cookies are a bit off, they are considered rejects and will never see the light outside my kitchen!

Shaped Cookies

The dough is “shaped” using your hands.  The shapes can be as simple as balls or crescents.  What about wreaths at Christmas time?


Above:  Jam Thumbprints w/Toasted Sesame Seeds, Hedgehogs (rolled in Toasted Coconut), and Snowballs w/Almond Essence


Here, I made them another time, for a dinner party.  These shaped cookies have an elegant look to them, perfect for a special event.

Pressed Cookies

The dough is usually not as thick, and is inserted into pastry tubes or cookie presses.  Discs with different designs are pressed onto the cookie sheets.

Refrigerator (or Icebox)  Coookies

Once the dough is formed, it is then rolled into a log shape, then wrapped in saran wrap a couple times. The dough is then placed in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.  I like this method in that you can cut as many cookies as you wish, thick or thin, and keep the remaining dough in the refrigerator for another day.  Another bonus?  The dough can be frozen, then thawed out for use at a later date!

Rolled Cookies

As with the above, this cookie dough needs to be chilled.  The fun part about this type of cookie is once the dough is rolled out, you can take different shapes to it.  I love rolled cookies at Christmas time, especially.  The decorating process can be really elaborate, using a variety of coloured sugars and candies.

Bar Cookies

Once the dough is mixed, it is then pressed gently into a pan.  After they are baked, they are cooled and then cut into squares or rectangles.  Drop cookie recipes can be made into bar cookies.


Drop cookies are the easiest to make (as I don’t really consider a bar a cookie.  I think of a bar as a more decadent treat, inbetween a cookie and a cake.)  I love making these, as it’s such an effortless process.  I have made all types of cookies and never tire of making them.  Can you guess the song that rings in my head when I’m baking cookies?  “C is for Cookie” …. I’m sure a lot of you know who sang this tune.

Cookie-making is a big deal for me, especially at Christmas time, my favourite time of year, and that’s where the real fun is at.  It’s competitive – coming down to the variety of cookies, the packaging, etc.  We take votes on the best packaging and that person wins a gift.

When I am making cookies, everyone has to exit the kitchen until I’m done.  I turn on the music and pour a glass of wine or porto, and let loose.  Although I love cookie making, I don’t have to eat them.  I know people who eat as they bake.  I don’t crave sweets, but I always try one of each cookie, as I like to rate them – I make notes along the sides.

What is your favourite type of cookie – to eat?  to make?

Whatever  your answer, remember, cookies are made to be shared.  ALWAYS SHARE your cookies!




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