All Wrapped Up!

You’ve heard the term — “Presentation is everything”?

Think about it, and I am sure you will agree that this statement is for the most part true.  Has a friend ever asked you “Do you think I’m fat?”  How did you respond?  How well do you think your friend would have accepted the ugly truth if you said “Yes, you’re as big as a hippo.” OR “You’re not fat, however, shedding a few pounds would be a move towards better health.”  Presentation is totally everything!!!

I pay a lot of attention to detail when wrapping up gifts, edible or otherwise.  I want that “wow” factor!  Some may think I’m going over the top – after all, I’m wrapping a box of cookies, how interesting is that?  Well, I love colour and enjoy creating and beautifying ….

As you know, I have a cookie obsession.  When I am ready to gift my cookies, I replenish my stock of raffia; tissue papers; curling ribbons; cookie boxes – some are stamped, coloured, or embellished with stickers; mini baubles, and the list goes on.

I love hunting down good wrap-ware.  The first place I visit will be Dollar Stores, as many as I can in a single day! After that, I head to Michael’s, Target or Walmart, to pick up coloured tissue papers, curling ribbons, stickers …. and baubles.


These ribbon varieties were purchased at Michael’s when they had their end-of-season/end-of-year sale.


Here is an assortment of bells and ornaments I picked up from Target (the baubles on the left) and Wal-Mart.  The bling-y rolls are from Creative Packaging – you can cut the ribbons of rhinestones into various widths to complement the package(s) you are wrapping.


This assortment of raffia was purchased at Creative Packaging.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this place.  These spools cost $6.99/100 yds.  Look at the colours!  And there were more than this!


This picture was taken after one of my cookie exchanges took place.  I wanted to capture the variety of cookies made, and also the little boxes in the background.  These sturdy boxes, which can hold up to 18 cookies, cost only $1.25/ea!  I know, Dollar Stores, thank you!


There are different weights to goody bags.  These were purchased at Creative Packaging AND the Dollar Stores.  Heavier weight bags serve better for bigger or more cookies.  These cost me $2/20.   The bags of apple rings cost more, approximately$0.90/ea, thanks to Creative Packaging.  These are sturdier bags and have been used to wrap skincare bottles.


In need of a hostess gift?  Co-worker invites you for Christmas dinner and you’re not sure what to get?  This is a cute little idea that costs next to nothing, but is eye-catching.  You may even be the center of attention for bringing such a clever gift!

Supplies needed:
Holiday-colour wrapped Hershey’s kisses
Coloured wire whisk (mine is silicone)
Saran wrap
Cello bag
Curling ribbon or raffia
Gift tag (to be hole-punched and tied in with the ribbon)

Putting it together:  Take a handful of kisses and insert them into the whisk between the wires.  Fill the whisk as much as you can and then wrap the whisk with saran wrap.  This will prevent the kisses from escaping.  Then, place the whisk inside the cello bag and tie with raffia or curling ribbon.  Before completing the bow or curling your ribbon, insert a tag that reads “I Whisk You a Merry Kissmass!”

Here are more ideas for wrapping it up:


Apple Rings and Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Balls – I place these bags into a bigger basket with some chocolate and wine.


This box contains a trio mix of cookies, wrapped up with three colours of curling ribbon, and I added a couple baubles.  I add a bell where I can – and yes, the bell actually jingles.  Instead of baubles, I sometimes buy an ornament and wrap that onto the box.  One year, I had some earth-toned ceramic doves that had “PEACE” written across.  I strung the curling ribbon into the cut-out heart and around the other side.  The ornament can be collected and placed on the tree!  This concept can be used for any occasion – a birthday, an anniversary.

It does take more time to get simple boxes of cookies wrapped, but it’s all worth it!  Need more inspiration?

I will leave you with this final set of photos:






I’ve had a fantastic year blogging.  I want to thank you all for reading and following my posts.  I will be making some changes, hopefully sooner than later.  If there’s a subject you’d like me to cover, please drop me a quickie email.

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a fantastic holiday season.

Happy New Year!


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